Friday, 7 December 2018

Guide to Career Opportunities in Education Sector in India

The Indian education sector is a booming business and there are lots of exciting career opportunities for the deserving candidates. However, there are some myths lurking here that the education jobs are only for women, these jobs don’t pay well or there is no career path. Here in this article, we will clear out the myths and the career opportunities the sector provides to everyone.
So, let’s get started.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching is the first thing anyone thinks of when looking for a job in the education field. Here you can teach at the school level or work as a professor in college or university. Teaching at school level could be a preschool teacher which involves ensuring kids reach developmental goals, then comes the primary school teaching that involves teaching all the subjects and you must be creative and patient. Secondary school teachers specialize in teaching one subject. You can teach at government schools or private schools as you wish. Professors, on the other hand, are much more specialized and experts in their field. Depending on the degree, you can teach management, engineering, medicine, media or humanities.


Outside the School/College

As a teacher, you have various opportunities to teach outside the school or college and this includes coaching institutions or private tuitions.

Students these days need extra help to get through their board exams, so you can start your own tuition centre or work with an established coaching centre near you. Coaching centres are always on a lookout for qualified teachers. You can also provide coaching to students to crack entrance exams and depending on your qualification you can also provide best government job coaching.

Non-Teaching Jobs

These types of jobs include administrative, on-ground staff and others helping in smooth delivery of education. The core staff includes principal or director who oversees the daily operations of the institution and makes important decisions. Then there are counsellors, librarians, administrative assistants. Then there is support staff as well which includes maintenance staff, computer technicians, cooks and bus drivers. 
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