Monday, 17 December 2018

Tips to Maximise Your Chances of Landing Academic Faculty Jobs in India

Every year numerous graduate students and post-graduates apply for academic faculty jobs in Indian universities in the hope of securing on-campus panel interview. There are various job opportunities in education sector, but in order to land a job, the candidate not only requires skills and knowledge but careful preparation as well. You need to convince a panel of established professors that you have what it takes to lead a research project, teach various courses and add value to the university. If you are a first-time candidate and don’t know what to do and where to look for jobs. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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Here in this blog post, we will discuss the things you need to do in order to maximize the chances of landing an academic job. 

1.    Apply as soon as the position opens

Submit your application early as piles of new applications are often sorted during committee meetings. If you apply early, there are few applications, so early applicants get a little more attention. Most faculty jobs open up in October or November and are available till the middle of January, but some positions are open through February as well. After you have applied, you will hear back with invitations for interviews in January and February or in some cases even March and April.

2.    Prepare for the interview

When you are applying for the academic faculty jobs, get your cover letters primed as early as possible and forward it with copies of your CV, research statement and teaching statement. Keep track of the institutes you have applied to. In addition to this, email the institutions you have applied to and update it. You also need to have a backup plan as you may or may not land the job.

3.    Attend seminars

When you are applying for the jobs in the education sector you need to be competent as there is so much competition. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges of research in graduate school, but it’s important to become well rounded. Attending seminars, whether they are in your field or not will help you gain insights into a range of contemporary research areas. This will help you in formulating clever proposals and will facilitate conversations with researchers outside your field during job interviews. Additionally, you can compare presentation styles to perfect your own job talks. 

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These are a few of the tips to help you maximise the chances of landing academic faculty jobs and you can apply for jobs in the education sector through FPS Job. They are a leading job search portal in India with various jobs listed to help you find one according to your skills and qualification. Visit the website to know more. 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Top 3 Qualities Special Education Teachers Should Possess

The field of special education is constantly changing to meet the needs of students with physical impairments and learning disabilities. Teachers of special education can work in a variety of settings, while most work in K-12, special education services can also be provided to infants through preschoolers. Some teachers even work with students who are severely disabled in special settings geared to teach basic life skills.

Teachers are a cornerstone of children’s development and special education teachers need to be full of persistence and patience so that they can easily take up special School Teaching Jobs In India. If you are considering teaching special needs students, you need to prepare yourself up for the challenging, life-changing yet rewarding career. 

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 Here are some qualities you need to possess. 

     Love and Acceptance

A special education teacher can only relate to a child if he/she is able to love and accept them as they are. Some special needs students demand excessive attention or completely disregard common etiquette. Regardless of the capabilities or behaviour, each child is unique and worthy of your notice. You should interact with dignity and respect with them. It is a key to create a sense of value within the classroom to help students succeed. 

     Intuitive Nature

Certain children may find it difficult to express their feelings, especially when they have communication problems. These students withdraw or act negatively when they get confused. So, a special education teacher should possess intuitive skills to uncover the underlying reasons behind the behavior. Apart from this, it is also essential to have a calm temperament as students may have behavioral and learning issues which can make the classroom environment extremely stressful. A teacher possessing this skill will be able to calm down the students.

     Creativity and Enthusiasm

TGT PGT And PRT Faculties Opening In IndiaSince every child has a different learning style, a special education teacher must have the ability to adapt the lessons that work for the strengths of each child. The ability to put difficult concepts in plain and interesting words or display a complexity in simple form the most effective trait a special education teacher can possess. You should be able to develop new teaching techniques on a regular basis as disabilities may manifest differently each day. The creativity and enthusiasm of the teacher will inspire the students to be creative and enthusiastic as well. 

Special education teacher requires a number of skills different from traditional educators. The above qualities are just a few characteristics that help create an environment that works well for special needs students. If you think you have all the qualities to be a special education teacher, then FPS Job can help you find the relevant educational jobs in India. Visit the website today to sign up and apply for the job.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Guide to Career Opportunities in Education Sector in India

The Indian education sector is a booming business and there are lots of exciting career opportunities for the deserving candidates. However, there are some myths lurking here that the education jobs are only for women, these jobs don’t pay well or there is no career path. Here in this article, we will clear out the myths and the career opportunities the sector provides to everyone.
So, let’s get started.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching is the first thing anyone thinks of when looking for a job in the education field. Here you can teach at the school level or work as a professor in college or university. Teaching at school level could be a preschool teacher which involves ensuring kids reach developmental goals, then comes the primary school teaching that involves teaching all the subjects and you must be creative and patient. Secondary school teachers specialize in teaching one subject. You can teach at government schools or private schools as you wish. Professors, on the other hand, are much more specialized and experts in their field. Depending on the degree, you can teach management, engineering, medicine, media or humanities.


Outside the School/College

As a teacher, you have various opportunities to teach outside the school or college and this includes coaching institutions or private tuitions.

Students these days need extra help to get through their board exams, so you can start your own tuition centre or work with an established coaching centre near you. Coaching centres are always on a lookout for qualified teachers. You can also provide coaching to students to crack entrance exams and depending on your qualification you can also provide best government job coaching.

Non-Teaching Jobs

These types of jobs include administrative, on-ground staff and others helping in smooth delivery of education. The core staff includes principal or director who oversees the daily operations of the institution and makes important decisions. Then there are counsellors, librarians, administrative assistants. Then there is support staff as well which includes maintenance staff, computer technicians, cooks and bus drivers. 
These are some of the job opportunities you have in the educational sector, but finding relevant jobs can be tough, but you needn’t worry as FPS Jobs is here providing an organized platform to search jobs by education. Call us at 0172-5387999 or visit the website for more information.